Best Crepe

Crepes are the thin pancakes often made from wheat flour. The term crepe has been derived from a Latin word which means curled. The origin of crepes is the region of Brittany found in northwest of France. Today, crepes have taken over the whole world.  Crepes are often served with cider in its region of origin, and these can also be filled with sweet or savory fillings. These can be served as a snack or used in many holiday recipes.

Some of the famous savory fillings for the best crepe in town include any combination of cheese, mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, ham, meat, artichoke, ratatouille, and chicken. Sweet crepes are enjoyed as desserts, most of which can contain melted chocolate, sugar, custard, whipped cream, maple syrup, lemon juice, or sliced soft fruit.

A very popular French recipe is Crepe Suzette. It is a crepe containing Grand Marnier or any similar liqueur together with grated orange grind. The dessert crepes are often rolled up and lightly fried, sautéed, or baked. Many chefs also love wrapping Beef Wellington in their crepes. It can seal in moisture and prevent the pastry from getting soggy.

You can also compare crepes to Mexican sope, African injera, or Indian dosa, which are all pretty much the same. Crepes are usually served at fiestas and carnivals in areas of Spain, and these are often made with pork blood and not milk in Galicia, a Spanish region. Crepes are also famous all over Eastern Europe, and you can enjoy them with quark cheese, fruit jelly, sugar, or honey.

Crepes are being served on France’s Candlemas held on February 2nd. There is a legend that when you catch a crepe in skillet after it is tossed in the air using your left hand, you will get rich this year, but only when you hold a gold coin in your right hand when you do it.


Grab the best crepe in town, and enjoy it to your heart’s delight!