sip of joy movement


Sip of Joy Movement: “It’s about more than the coffee.” Sip of Joy coffee is a refreshing new initiative introduced by us to the community as a simple act of kindness. Sip of Joy coffee is a coffee paid for in advance purchase of a cup of coffee for someone else who needs it as an anonymous act of charity. This precedence was set by the working-class cafes in Europe, paying the price of two coffees but only consuming one. This is a simple act of kindness that goes a long way! In other words PAY IT FORWARD WITH A CUP OF COFFEE.

Our guests can pay for a cup of coffee or a meal and take a post it note to place it on the wall, those notes can be taken down and used by other guests in exchange for a cup of coffee or a menu item

If the collected proceed is not consumed at the store, we will donate it to charitable causes in our local community, as part of our corporate social responsibility towards the community.